Business in Jordan
Jordan presents an ideal gateway to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region and the rest of the world. Jordan enjoys its strategic position as it is situated at the confluence of three continents. In the recent decades, Jordan has developed into a modern country that meshes ancient heritage and Middle Eastern hospitality with high standards of education and advanced communication technology.

The business organizations in Jordan benefit from a geography that places them at the continent's crossroads. It shares borders with five MENA countries, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Palestine National Authority territories. With the aim of creating a lucrative and friendly environment for foreign investors, the Government has reformed its investment law and streamlined procedures, granting increasingly attractive incentives of tax and customs duty exemptions. Tax exemptions offered by Jordan are in the higher bracket when compared with other countries of the MENA region.

International investors seeking to diversify their portfolios are offered excellent opportunities in terms of customs tax holidays, income tax exemptions and unrestricted transfer of capital and profits in most major sectors. Regional offices and offshore firms are treated on an equal footing with Jordanian firms, and are entitled to the same privileges extended to local businesses.
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